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High-Fly Case

Elevate your experience.

Finally the first smart storage solution everyone needs is here.

Swiss Engineered, Vacuumed and Conditioned for the Best Storage for Your Cigars & Cigarillo!

The High-Fly Thumb Activated Vacuum Cases:

The Cigar & Cigarillo

Seal in vacuum to keep the ultimate freshness with the touch of a finger. Our game changing thumb-pump keeping your smokes fresher, longer - guaranteed

The High-Fly Case's embodies the latest technology

Minimalist design, odor proof, and vacuum sealed with the pump of your finger - this tool extinguishes and preserves your goods. Keep your cigar's and flower fresh, keep it dry, keep it high.

Because the established vacuum inside the High-Fly Case, no air or odor can move in or out of the case which makes the High-Fly the perfect travel companion.

Elevate your experience!


The High-Fly Cigar case is a revolutionary product that caters to cigar enthusiasts seeking an innovative solution to preserve the freshness and aroma of their cigars. This innovative cigar case features a unique vacuum-seal mechanism, operated with a simple finger pump, creating an airtight environment within the case. This airtight seal effectively locks in the flavors and aromas of the cigars, preventing them from deteriorating and maintaining their peak quality over time.

Designed with both convenience and cigar aficionados in mind, the High-Fly Cigar case offers an elegant and portable solution for on-the-go enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned cigar connoisseur or an occasional smoker, this case ensures that your cigars remain fresh and flavorful, providing a delightful smoking experience whenever you choose to indulge in your favorite cigars.


With options and availability of many smaller sized and tasting smoke products, more and more of us are enjoying the health benefits of a smoke on the go. Streamlining the pleasure of smoking a “Cigarillo" - The High-Fly Case solves the problem all of us face if we want just a few puffs.

The problem of putting out a half smoked “Cigarillo", quickly, discreetly, without making a mess and preserving the quality and humidity of the flower and tobacco is solved by the Swiss engineered High-Fly Case.


The High-Fly Cigar case employs cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost freshness of your cigars. One of its standout features is the innovative thumb pump mechanism, which creates a vacuum seal with a simple touch of your finger. This game-changing thumb pump design guarantees that your cigars are preserved in an airtight environment, keeping them fresher for an extended period. With this user-friendly technology, the High-Fly Cigar case revolutionizes the way cigar enthusiasts can enjoy their smokes, all with the effortless touch of a finger, ensuring a consistently exceptional smoking experience.

Smoke It, Seal It And Save It For Later

High-Fly Has Your Needs Covered 

Thumb Activated Vacuum

Seal in vacuum to keep the ultimate freshness with the touch of a finger. Our game changing thumb-pump keeping your smokes fresher, longer - guaranteed.

Sleek Aluminum Design

Heat resistant & made to last. High-Fly features high quality aluminum for a chic, trendy appearance that instantly extinguishes glowing stogies without damaging it.

Travel Friendly Security

No more misplaced joints & cigars, hiding in pockets, purses & car seats! Our protecting and odor free travel case keeps your go-to smokes secured & easily accessible for all of life’s adventures.

Custom Humidity Chamber

No matter what you’re smoking, High-Fly has a solution for you. Our built-in control chamber lets you humidify or dehumidify to your liking, giving you the perfect puff every time. 

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  • Effortless and safe extinguishing of the glow.
  • Crisp, fresh vacuum sealed goodness
  • Invigorating humidifying capabilities
  • Odorless travel
  • Impact & break protection

…and the freedom to enjoy your smoke on your terms. 

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